International 9-Ball Open Final Four

Chang Jung-Lin (Photo courtesy of Erwin Dionisio)
The final day of the International 9-Ball Open dawns with four players still looking to earn the inaugural crown at this event. 
The winner’s side comes down to two superstars from Chinese Taipei. The younger of the Ko brothers, Ping Chung, will face Chang Jung-Lin in a race to 11 for the hot-seat. 
Both players have already bested their finishes from last year’s US Open 9-Ball event that took place in this same building. Chang finished in 4th last year, while Ko settled for 5th place. Both players got to this match via 11-4 wins on Friday. Ko over Denis Grabe and Chang over Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz.
On the one loss side, two American players will play to see who advances to face Chinese Taipei. Shane Van Boening will face Skyler Woodward in a race to 11 at the same time as the hot-seat match. Both American players lost in the final eight on the winner’s side, but it has been Woodward who has looked the stronger on this weekend on the one loss side. 
Van Boening survived back-to-back hill-hill scares (against Chris Melling and Dennis Orcollo), followed by a slightly more relaxing 11-6 win over Sanchez-Ruiz. Woodward on the other hand, scored three dominating wins on the left side of the brackets. Woodward eliminated Fedor Gorst 11-2, followed by back-to-back 11-3 wins over Justin Bergman and Grabe. 
The hot-seat and loser’s side matches kick off at 1pm EST today, with another round scheduled at 3 and the finals at 7.
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