Joss Another Notch on the Hatchet

Dave Grau, Dennis Hatch, Dick Cappotto & Mike Zuglan

Dennis Hatch knifed past Dave Grau at Caps Cue Club in Syracuse, NY as Mike Zuglan and the Joss Tour paid a visit for the weekend. This was a true double-elimination format and while Grau won the first set in the finals, 9-5, he had to beat Hatch twice as that set was the first loss for hatch in the entire tourney. The double-dip was not to be. Hatch won the second set 9-5 and grabbed the $1,200 prize for his efforts.

Dave Grau had a very commendable tournament. He took down both Jose Mendez (9-2) and Dan Heidrich (9-3) in the later stages of the event and nearly took down Hatch in the finals. Jose Mendez wound up in third place while Dan Heidrich claimed fourth. As always at the Joss Tour, a fine Joss cue was on offer at raffle. The lucky Joss Cue winner this week was Mike Renshaw

Next week the Joss Tour will materialize at Trick Shot Billiard Hall in Clifton Park, NY. Contact Mike Zuglan at (518) 356-7163 to enter.