Mike Davis and Danny Basavich Blaze Tour Stop Co-Champions

Danny Basavich with step son Angelo and Mike Davis

Blaze 9 ball tour stop made it's way to Primetime Billiards in South Amboy NJ. I want to thank the staff at Primetime Billiards for a wonderful job well done. A strong field of 30 made their way to the event. Players like Mike Davis, Danny Basavich, Dennis Spears, Shaun Wilkie and Matt Krah to name a few.

Leading the way on the top half of the bracket was Danny Basavich with wins over Mario Sahatjian 7-3, Spanish Pete 7-0, Shaun Wilkie 7-5 and Dennis Spears 7-6. Leading the bottom half of the braket was Joe Frady with wins over Mike Fingers 7-3, Wali Muhammad 7-5, Rob Omen 7-6 and Matt Krah 7-4.

Playing for the hot seat was Danny Basavich vs Joe Frady this waas a great match that went hill hill with Danny Basavich coming out on topwith a 7-6 win giving him the hot seat and sending Joe Frady to the one lost side.

Making his way through the one lost side was Mike Davis with wins over Spanish Pete 7-4, Rob Omen 7-2, Dennis Spears 7-2, Billy Kirshner 7-6 and Joe Frady 7-3 to get to the finals.

The finals was Mike Davis vs Danny Basavich both player decided to split the winnings and the points thus being the first time there was co-champions on the Blaze tour.

Complete Results:
1st Mike Davis $600
2nd Danny Basavich $600
3rd Joe Frady $300
4th Billy Kirchner $200
5th/6th Matt Krah/Dennis Spears $175