Pots and Pans 9-Ball Open

Pots & Pans

The Pool World lost another "true character" of the game on April 10th of this year, with the passing of Bernard "Pots & Pans" Rogoff.

Rogoff was notorious for always making a game in his favor and rarely left a room on the road with less money than he walked in with. He was known for "hustling" on the bar tables as well as putting up  sets of  pots and pans against money for games he made. There are hundreds of great stories about all the "action" he saw in his younger days. 
Even up to a few months before he passed , Rogoff was a regular fixture at many pro events across the country, and was usually found sitting front and center decked out in his Charlie Chaplin outfit. He always had stories and jokes and was always looking for a game, If not for himself than for a friend so he could get a little side action.
Vegas' Katy Moore decided to organize an event  to make sure that Pots & Pans is not forgotten, and she had begun that quest with the announcement of the "1st Annual Pots & Pan's Open" to be held at Pool Sharks in Las Vegas on June 21st - 23rd.
"The morning he passed, I was so upset to lose a friend, and then I found out there were no plans for a funeral or memorial. I called the owners of Pool Sharks, John and Joe, and asked about holding a memorial tournament for him there. They immediately agreed and we set the wheels in motion.  I know he had a lot of people that knew him and he had touched their lives in some way and I wanted his pool family to have a way of honoring his life. I think he deserved that." commented Moore.
This open 9-ball event will feature $600 in added prize money with a 32 player field, and will be streamed online by povpool.com.
Pool Sharks added $500.00 and CSI has donated another $100.00 to the prize fund. Omega Billiards has also donated a Championship Break cue to be raffled off during the tournament.
For more information, to sign up, or to donate items for the raffle, call Pool Sharks at 702-222-1011.