Predator Fills AZB’s Gold Mine for December

Three brand-new cues from Predator

When we got the call from Predator that they wanted to provide all of the prizes to our Gold Members for December we really did not know what to expect.
But what they are giving is truly extraordinary.

Five brand-new designs of three different cues!

A new playing cue, the Throne, that promises customizable balance, C+4 technology, and is crafted with exotic woods and precious metals for our first place winner.

Our lucky runner-up will receive a BK III Sport Break cue, the same cue Mike Dechaine uses to produce breaks of over 35 mph. And this model has got the Sport wrap for an extra grip!
The BK III is a vast improvement on your current break cue. After two years of research and feedback from the top pros, Predator has incorporated over a dozen changes in the BK III for that all-important first shot.

Our third through fifth place winners will literally be jumping for joy. That’s because this month all three will receive the just-released Predator Air II Jump Cue. This radical new design features three-piece construction, tune-able weight system and carbon fibre reinforcements. Just consider it your get out of jail free card the next time someone thinks they have played you safe!

The winners of these cues will be among the first cueists anywhere to own these cues. They will not be released for sale until December 2nd and, due to the Mosconi Cup, our drawing this month will be on Sunday, December 8th. To be eligible for the drawing you must click here and become an AZB Gold Member by no later than Saturday, December 7.

Our best Holiday Wishes to Predator for their help in making this a very special Christmas emerging from the AZB Gold Mine!