Scott McDonald Wins 30K Tour Stop

McEarl Bucais and Scott McDonald

Shooters Billiards was busy the weekend of January 13th-14th with 36 players competing in the 16th stop on the Canadian 30K tour.

Marc and McEarl Bucais are two youngsters that are improving very rapidly with the 30K Tour, their skills are solid and playing at home (Shooters) made them feel very comfortable.

The “Hot Seat” match was between McEarl Bucais (5) and Scott McDonald (8) where the new gun bested Scott 5-5 (match was 5-8).

On the one loss side, we had Tony Butera (5) vs. Mike Loponen (5+) and Tony emerged as the winner by a 5-2 score.

In the lower bracket we had Lorenz Schedereit (7) vs. Steve Butler (8) and Lorenz won by a 7-5 score.

This set up the match between Tony Butera (5) and Lorenz Schedereit (7) with Lorenz winning by a 7-3 score.

Scott McDonald was fresh from the loss on the A side and awaited Lorenz in the semi finals. Scott defeated Lorenz by an 8-3 score and took a ride back to the A side to face the young gun McEarl Bucais in the finals. Scott needed to defeat McEarl twice to take the stop and the first match was a hill-hill match where Scott prevailed.

After a few minutes and some reloading they players faced off in one final match where Scott left no doubts with an 8-3 score. Congrats to both players for a good show, the crowd was on the edge of their seats all day.