Shane van Boening unbeatable – almost

Dimitri Jungo streamed their first event over the weekend of March 6-7 and had Hitchcock writing the stories!

On Thursday the first SHOWDOWN with American pool superstar Shane Van Boening against Swiss talent Ronald Regli was scheduled. From the beginning Shane van Boening showed everyone why he is one of the top stars in pool today. After just 20 racks, Van Boening held a 10 game lead over young gun Ronald Regli. The 10-game difference between the two players stayed in place for most of the match, although Van Boening managed to push the lead to fifteen games towards the end at 48-33. Showing the heart of of a lion, Regli came with everything he had at that point. With a 6-pack, some nice safeties and lot of heart he came back to within six games at 48-42 before Shane got another chance. That chance was all he would need as Van Boening put the match away from there.

The crowd was hungry for more and they got what they wanted Friday night when local favorite and reigning European Straight Pool Champion Dimitri Jungo took on "The South Dakota Kid“ in the Friday night match!

Both players started off well with no player having more than 2-3 games lead. Nevertheless, the spectators could see who was the challenger and who was the star! Shane was always there, was in front and had the biggest lead of the game when he was on top 32-27. Jungo was far from outclassed in this match though, as he was the first place to pass the 10, 20 and 40 rack marks before Shane did. With the score tied at 40-40 it was definitely Alfred Hitchcock that wrote the script for the rest of the match. The rolls (both good and bad), the incredible shots from both players and even the scratches on the break went back and forth between both players. Tied up again at 49-49 it came down to only one game, the 99th after 10 hours of great and magnificent pool. And after a long day, hard work and just a crazy and nerve-wracking nail-biter; it was Shane van Boening that took home the last game and another $5000 for the winner!

But the fans still had not seen enough of Shane.

Just 36 hours later, the Grand Prix Biel Open started with the last 32 players. Players from Germany Italy, France, Austria, France and Switzerland of course signed up for this tournament, 150 players in total. After the qualifier rounds, 24 qualifiers and the 8 invited players met each other in a single-K.O. stage.
After two rounds only 8 players were left and it turned out that the invited players deserved their spots as every one of them made it into the final eight


Shane van Boening (USA) 9:8 Marco Tschudi (SUI)
Daryl Peach (ENG) 7:9 Sandor Tot (SRB)
Dimitri Jungo (SUI) 9:4 Oliver Ortmann (GER)


Shane van Boening (USA) 9:8 Sandor Tot (SRB)
Dimitri Jungo (SUI) 9:8 Dominic Jentsch (GER)


Shane van Boening (USA) 5:11 Dimitri Jungo (SUI)

The crowd has seen the rematch between Shane van Boening and Dimitri Jungo. While Jungo couldn't finish Shane off on Friday, it was Shane who couldn't find his game in the end and finally, after 4 days, three hill-hill wins and hundreds of racks, Shane got beat in the final! likes to thank everybody involved – first of all the players, especially Shane van Boening, Dimitri Jungo and Ronald Regli for the two big fights on Thrusday and Friday night. Further more to our sponsors Innosuisse, Axo, BC National Lucerne as well as our partners Pool-Stage, eSeven and Sport64.

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