TAR 35: Dennis Orcollo vs Shane Van Boening

TheActionReport.com is proud to announce our latest production:TAR 35: Dennis Orcollo vs Shane Van Boening in an old school TAR match of 10 Ball race to 100 over three days. TAR 35 will take place at the TAR Studio in Las Vegas, NV on June 7,8,9,  2013. 

The schedule for the match is as follows:
Friday June 7: Players will play until one wins thirty five games.
Saturday June 8: Players pick up from Friday’s score and play until one reaches seventy total wins.
Sunday June 9: Players pick up from Saturdays score and finish the race to 100
Each days play will begin at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern. 

The prize fund is $5000 with the winner receiving $3500 and the loser $1500.  The match will be winner breaks, rack your own using the Magic Rack. The match will be played on Diamond four and a half by nine table with standard four and a half inch pockets.

The match will be available to watch live via streaming PPV in 720p on theactionreport.com. There are limited seats available in the TAR Studio that will be for sale online at www.theactionreport.com. We want to thank our sponsor CueSports International for helping to make this exciting match possible.