Shane Van Boening wins TAR 35

Shane Van Boening

The Action Report's TAR 35: Shane Van Boening vs Dennis Orcollo match is in the books and will go down as one of the most dominating performances of Shane Van Boening's young career. TAR 35 took place at the TAR Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada June 7,8,9 2013. The match format was a familiar one to old school TAR fans. The players played Ten Ball, race to one hundred games over three days. The prize fund was $5000 put up by TAR with $3500 paid to the winner and $1500 to the loser. 

Shane absolutely dominated on day one. At the end of the first days play he walked away with a 35-19 lead. It was plain to see that he had shocked Dennis with an unrelenting attack. Shane's famous break was in rare form Friday night and the rest of his game was on par with it allowing him to open a fourteen game lead over Dennis on day one. Denis was a slight favorite on AZ Forums going into the match. Shane having the lead on day one by such a large margin was unexpected by most. 

Day two saw Orcollo mount a steady defense to the constant attack that is Shane when he plays these races to one hundred. Dennis was able to slow the steamroller down but was not able to match Shane's offense on day two. Shane added another eight games to his lead on day two bringing the score to 70-46. Dennis came into the final day down twenty four games. In a spot that would mentally crush many players Dennis showed the heart and will of a true champion by fighting hard and playing his best pool of the match in the final day. It was a hill too big to climb though and Shane Van Boening showed why many consider him the king of the long format ten ball match by defeating Dennis 100 to 81. 

TAR would like to thank our sponsors for TAR 35: Kamui Tips and CueSports International. If you missed TAR 35 live the entire match will be available to view on demand at on Monday June 17. Full stats for TAR 35 can be found on the Pool-Trax website at .