TAR 38 to feature Appleton and Orcollo

The Action Report is proud to announce our latest production. TAR 38: Darren Appleton vs Dennis Orcollo. TAR 38 will take place at the TAR Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 17th thru 19th. The match format will be an all around consisting of One Pocket, Eight Ball and Ten Ball. 
TAR 38 will be available to watch via Live streamming PayPerView on theactionreport.com. The match schedule is as follows:
Start time for each day is 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern
Day 1: One Pocket Race to 7
Day 2: 8 Ball race to 30
Day 3: 10 Ball Race to 30
Commentators for TAR 38 will be Jay Helfert and Robert "Cotton" Leblanc. TAR 38 is sponsored by CueSports International and Lomax Custom Cues. Please visit theactionreport.com for information on how to purchase TAR 38 or to contact TAR for any information. 
TAR would like to thank Jay Helfert for helping arrange this match and JP Parmentier for use of his photos for promotional purposes.