The Heat is on in the TAR Pit

Francisco Bustamante is generously providing complimentary live streaming all week on their ustream channel with some feature pay-per-view matches to come.

One-Pocket HOF inductee, Harry Platis and Karl Bailey from Las Vegas played a 10 hour one-pocket challenge match for $10,000. The players traded games following each other, 6-6, then 9-9 with both players having a chance at the case ball before Bailey finally pocketed it, along with the purse.

In a $6,000 challenge match between Francisco Bustamante and Chris Bartram, Bartram got three games going to 11, three sets ahead. All the marbles went to Bustamante after only three sets, taking 33 games to 10.

Brandon Shuff took on “Mr. Black Widow,” George Breedlove and his coach Gabe Owen in a race-to-10 one-pocket challenge match for $5,000. Breedlove jumped to a 3-0 lead and remained ahead until it was hill-hill. “It was the best one-pocket match we've ever streamed,” said Big Nasty of TAR. In the final rack, Shuff ran 8 but owed a ball. Breedlove ran a few but missed an opportunity to capitalize with a bank and left the final ball for Shuff.

Tune in to and for your live streaming action all week.