U.S. Open Players From Barry Behrman

First of all I want to thank all of you for participating this year, what a star filled field from 20 countries. I humbly apologize for those that have to wait until next Tuesday to cash your checks. My intentions were good but realizing seating 300 people less with general admission tickets was a huge loss of revenue. Also, with 70% now of credit card sales at Q-Masters, it takes several days for these batches to hit my business account receivables. All will be fine in one week.


Next year, corporate checks will be ready to cash at the bank of your choice in America or overseas. We will decide which bank would be the best choice to be able to cash checks right away. No delays or wire transfers for the 40th and beyond.


Also last year using 8 sets of bleachers which hold 50 people each totaling 400 general admissions. By using all risers, table, and chairs this year over 200 seats were lost for the $10.00 all day or night matches which surely made a huge difference. Again, players and fans I’m sorry.


I as well as my staff do our best but sometimes your best is not good enough. Next year’s 40th anniversary will be a milestone and we will continue to do our very best by having a larger venue, having corporate participation as well as more from our billiards industry will surely help with the outcome of next year. My staff; Roberta, Janet, Pineapple, WT, Mark, Robin, and Debbie did a fantastic job all week and it was also most difficult for them as well as my 68 plus years of age self. Everyone from Q-Masters did an awesome job also. Thank you Jay Helfert, Karl Kantovich, Scott “The Shot” Smith, and Pat Fleming and his loyal Accu-Stats crew and announcers.