U.S. Open Underway

Day one of the U.S. Open is in the books.  Most of the heavy hitters have not yet found one another but we did have a few matches that have generated some buzz. Nick Van Den Berg defeated Shane Van Boening 11-7 to put Shane on the long road to victory #6. Then Zion Zvi overcame the recently very hot hand of Lee Vann Corteza 11-8. Finally, Radislaw Babica defeated Mika Immonen 11-10 in a hill-hill nail biter.

There were other great  matches as well. Justin Bergman trailed Dennis Hatch 4-1 only to rally back and win 11-8 as he controlled the latter stages of the match. Tommy Kennedy could not be slowed as he defeated Matt Krah 11-7.  And Earl Strickland caught that amazing high gear that he has and kicked in three shots on his way to an 11-8 victory over Ralf Souquet.

There is lots more action set for Monday. You can follow all the rack by rack action at our live scoring page http://www.azbilliards.com/tours_and_events/158-us-open-9-ball-championship/7727-us-open-9-ball-championship/live/

There you can follow every table in action as well as our interactive brackets. .

Photo courtesy of Erwin Dionisio.