UPA Championship Final Four

Ralf Souquet

The UPA Pro Tour Championship is down to four players with a chance to earn the title.

The winners side match for the hot-seat will feature Ralf Souquet vs Mika Immonen and the one-loss side will be Charlie Williams vs Efren Reyes.

Souquet survived a hill-hill match with Marcus Chamat in his last match on Saturday, while Immonen sent Alex Pagulayan to the left side of the board 11-6 on Saturday.

On the one-loss side, Reyes has won five straight matches after losing to Pagulayan on Friday. Williams has also won five straight on the one-loss side, after a loss to Souquet on Friday.

Matches begin at 1PM and will be available for online PPV at Worldpool.com

Brackets are complete with all Saturday results.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe