US Open Day Five Winding Down

Jose Parica beat Francisco Bustamante early Thursday

With a handful of matches still being played at 2:30 am, day five is winding down at the US Open 9-Ball Championship.

In a match that took nearly three hours, Corey Deuel outlasted Shannon Daulton 11-10 to remain on the winners side. Daulton was to face Niels Feijen at the conclusion of that match, but the match was rescheduled for Friday morning due to the late hour.

Still playing at 2:15 were Mika Immonen vs Rafael Martinez, Mike Dechaine vs Gabe Owen and Ray Reyna vs Michael Wong with the winner scheduled to play Oscar Dominguez at the conclusion of that match.

Earlier in the day, John Schmidt was eliminated by local player Eric Moore and Moore was then dumped out of the event by Scott Rabon. Jeremy Jones was handed his second loss at the hands of Raj Hundal. Gabe Owen eliminated Stevie Moore and Mike Dechaine eliminated Alex Pagulayan.

Winners side matches scheduled for Friday are Louis Ulrich vs Tony Robles, Allen Hopkins vs Tomoko Mekari, Dennis Orcullo vs James Walden, Ralf Souquet vs Johnny Archer, Tyler Edey vs Jose Parica, Warren Kiamco vs Ronnie Alcano, Mike Davis vs Corey Deuel and Ronnie Wiseman vs Shane Van Boening.

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