US Open Day Three Eliminations

Day three is complete at the 35th Annual US Open 9-Ball Championship and the first batch of players have been eliminated from the event.

The list of players shown early exits this year includes Frankie Hernandez, Sarah Rousey, David Rowell and Dave Bollman.

Most of the other matches on day three went according to expectations with no major upsets. 

Day four will see two more rounds of play on the one loss side, followed by action on the winners side for the rest of the day. Marquee matches on the one loss side for Wednesday include Jonathan Pinegar vs Ronnie Wiseman, Tony Crosby vs George San Souci, Hunter Lombardo vs Shaun Wilkie and Scott Frost vs Bahram Lofty.

The winners side matches later in the day on Wednesday hold many great matches with Mika Immonen vs Max Eberle, Nick Varner vs Ernesto Dominguez, Lee Van Cortezza vs Thorsten Hohmann, Jose Parica vs Daryl Peach, Francisco Bustamante vs Oscar Dominguez and Darren Appleton vs Ronnie Alcano.

If you can't make it to Chesapeake this year, you can still follow all of the action with Accu-Stats streaming select matches as well as our online coverage including real time scoring, online brackets, video updates from Samm Diep and photo galleries from Diana Hoppe. Check out all of our coverage at