World Games Day 2 and 3

The World Games is getting to the nitty gritty now as many top names have fallen to the way side.

USA hopes stay alive with the Rocket as Morris came back from behind to gun down local German favorite Thomas Engert who only lives 30 minutes away. Morris was down 4-1, but came back and went neck to neck until 7-6 down, Engert played a lock up safety on the 2 ball. Morris came with an awesome low percentage 2 rail kick and almost made the ball but left Engert no shot but a safety. Engert played safe but left Rocket a long shot on the 2 ball with cue ball on the rail. The Rocket came with the shot, ran out, and broke and ran the next rack and kept the momentum to win 11-8. He meets fellow DP Family teamate Thorsten Hohmann tomorrow. Thorsten defeated Tom Storm in another come back victory where he was down 8-6 to comeback and win 11-10.

Vettas from Greece continues his underdog upsets as he triumphed over Williams 11-7 to advance against Pei Wei Chang of Taiwan who defeated Neils Feijen earlier. The winner of this match will go to the finals and the loser will play for the bronze.

On the womans side, USA's Villarreal fell to Korea's #1 Sung Hyun Jung who took an early 5-1 lead and never relinquished control. Villarreal made an effort to comeback and made it 8-7, but Jung held on for the win. Jasmin Ouschan continues her quest for a first big title as she defeated Line Kjorsevik.

The big upset of the day was Jennifer Chen winning a heated battle with Allison Fisher 9-7. Both players never looked comfortable and made mistakes. Up 8-7, Chen had a relatively easy out to win the match. But she missed the 6 ball and let Fisher back in. Unfortunately, Fisher made an uncharacteritic error and gave the table right back to Chen. Chen made the 6, 7, and pumped her fist with a hoot sound when she made the 8 and got stright on the nine. When she made the nine, her clenched fist and pump emphasized her happiness with Taiwan going to the semi finals.

On the carom side, Daniel Sanchez ranked #1 in the world from Spain advanced to the semi finals. Dick Jaspers also had a 40-36 nail biter where the German player had a chance to tie it at 37-37 but missed a simple carom. Sayginer won a great match upsetting favorite Blomdahl.

The World Games Pool Events are being played on Brunswick Metro Tables with Gorina Cloth and Aramith Balls.