Stevie Moore Wins Derby Banks Event

Stevie Moore

Stevie Moore is the Derby City Classic Bank Pool Winner.

The final three players were Moore, Efren Reyes and Rodolfo Luat with Efren the only player who still had a buyback option. While Banks may not be Efren's best game, this situation certainly led to most fans in attendance picking Reyes to win the event.

In that round, Luat drew the bye which led to Reyes playing Moore. Moore took complete control of that match and beat Reyes 3-0 in a match.

Reyes used his buyback option and drew the bye in the next round to leave Moore playing Luat. The match between Moore and Luat went to hill-hill with Luat missing the game ball three times before Moore was able to win the game 3-2.

The final match between Reyes and Moore also went to hill-hill and the final game came down to 2 balls with Reyes needing two balls and Moore needing one. Moore fired in a two rail bank as the game winner.

The second round of the one pocket event is still going strong and tonight's ring game featuring Jose Parica, Johnny Archer, Corey Deuel, Francisco Bustamante and Dennis Orcollo was starting up at the time of this writing.

We have complete results from the banks event, as well as results from the first round of the One Pocket event. We also have four photo galleries from Diana Hoppe who is at the event.

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