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Schmidt Leads American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship Day One

John Schmidt (File photo courtesy of Dave Thomson – Medium Pool)

The 2019 American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship is underway at Q-Master Billiards in Virginia Beach, Virginia with an all-star field of straight pool aficionados. 
The first three days of the event feature six groups of eight competitors playing round robin races to 125. John Schmidt, in his first tournament since his historic run of 626 balls back in June, is a perfect 2-0 with dominant wins over Bobby Hunter and Reymart Lim. Schmidt’s 2-0 record has him at the top of his group, tied with Spaniard Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz
The man of the week, Thorsten Hohmann, is fresh off his second straight tournament win, but he dropped a day one match to Finland’s Jani Siekkinen 125-43. Hohmann did defeat Niel Gold in his other Tuesday match to turn in a 1-1 record for the day. Siekkinen defeated Pascal Dufresne in his other Tuesday match and is undefeated at 2-0. 
Other undefeated players after day one are Dennis Orcollo, Marco Teutscher, Niels Feijen, Ralf Souquet and Alex Pagulayan
After two more days of round robin play, the top four players from each group will advance to a 24 player single elimination bracket on Friday. 
Straight pool fans who can’t attend the event in person can watch free streaming coverage online at Billiard Sports Network.

Bustamante Defends Derby City One Pocket Title

Francisco Bustamante – Photo courtesy of Dave Thomson (

Derby City Classic XXI, January 25 – February 2nd, 2019
LIVE from the Horseshoe Southern Indiana Casino, Elizabeth IN.
RACE to 3. $12,000, $6,000, $3300.
410 entrants are now culled to ONE!
In the final moments of the Derby City Classic One-Pocket Championship, Francisco Bustamante, down zero to two to the courageous Corey Deuel, manifested true grit, and sustained stamina as his never-say-die attitude drove the last ball into his pocket.
The 55-year-old veteran, in his 8th day of the Derby City Classic’s brutal dawn to dawn schedule, now sits atop the leader board in his search for back-to-back All-Around Champion titles…and the additional $20,000 bonus money!
Corey Deuel had an extraordinary day. Not only did he defeat Shane Van Boening and Alex Pagulayan, with three players left he, luckily, drew the bye.  That left a Pagulayan – Bustamante semifinal.
The day had begun with 7 men, mostly, of equal caliber in search of the title. Pagulayan, still undefeated, had two lives. Van Boening, Bustamante, Deuel, Gomez, Gorst, and Orcollo had one.
First, Alex gutted Gomez. Then, Corey equalized Alex obliterating the first of his lives.
Meanwhile, Orcollo got Gorst, only to run afoul of Francisco. That left 3.
In the, aforementioned, semifinal round draw, Corey scored the bye leaving Bustey to face, and ultimately eliminate, Alex.
In the finals, Bustamante’s performance was sublime, even exhilarating. At 2-zero, Corey’s crafty, creative, aggressive cue ball, finally, derailed and left Francisco an opening. Bustey ran a mesmerizing 8 and out.
At 2-1, it was Corey’s break. It was now Bustey’s turn to get creative. With a blistering bank that, intentionally, kissed off a ball into his pocket, Bustey had the audience in awe as he ran another 8 and out. 2-2.
Game 5, the decider: Bustey’s break. Deuel took a timeout. 
Recomposed, he approached the table. His attempt at a safe ran a little too far leaving Francisco the finest of cuts into his pocket.
It wobbled back and forth before falling into his pocket. Fortune didn’t favor the brave. He had nothing.
He played safe…he thought. With the courage and foresight that only Corey would adopt in such a foray, he attacked. Out of nowhere, a ball fell in his hole.
He can’t believe it, with the spheres spread far and wide, he too, is left safe. He pocketed a ball to be repotted while sending whitey, safely, towards his opponent’s hole. It rolled high leaving Bustey a sliver of a shot. The ball fell.
His confidence now in full bore. Failure wasn’t an option. With unwavering focus and calm determination, his indomitable spirit rose to the occasion. All Deuel could do is wonder what could have been as, ball by ball, the title slipped away. 
But wait, there’s hope. Needing one ball, Bustey’s bust into the cluster didn’t leave a direct shot to his pocket.
Formerly slumped, Corey now sat erect in his seat. 
Francisco scanned his options. The remaining balls were openly available to his opponent’s pocket. One error here, and Deuel was more than capable of running out the rack…and stealing the title.
Bustey espied a bank, a long, slow trickle towards his corner and, if it didn’t fall, Corey would be left safe.
At a snail’s pace, the orb slowly rolled, and rolled, and rolled. Francisco, animate now, talking to it, “Come, come,” coaxing it along until, on its last revolution, it finally dropped.
The arena was a madhouse. Screams, and yells, and a’hollerin’ roar to the rafters. Deuel, devastated, yet graciously accepted Bustey’s high-five.
Thank you Accu-Stats. This one’s a keeper.
After the $12,000 check presentation, Bustey was immediately rushed to a 9-Ball match with Shawn Murphy. No rest for the victorious. That’s the Derby.
407 entrants; Another attendance record broken!
Race to 9. 3 balls, minus those pocketed, must make the kitchen on the break.
$16,000, $8,000, $3950.
The Accu-Rack is in use.
47 exhausted combatants are left. 10 have buybacks: Lee Vann Corteza, Chris Melling, Maksim Dudanets, James Aranas, Josh Roberts, Sky Woodward, Danny Olsen, Kevin Cheng, Tim De Ruyter, and Dennis Orcollo.
With his One-Pocket win, Bustamante leapt into the lead. Billy Thorpe, Omar Al Shaheen, Deuel, Orcollo, and Woodward are hot on the trail.
Earlier in the event, Francisco, had been beaten by Mika. To maintain his Master of the Table points, at all costs, Bustey must protect that life. One ball at a time, one ball at a time.
Johnny Archer, after feeding Fedor Gorst to the buyback booth, fell afoul of the Nederland’s Marc Bijsterbosch. He was later eliminated by Billy Thorpe.
The-19-year old, Fedor Gorst had a 6-0 intimidating lead over Banks Champ Billy Thorpe. Billy adopting full combat mode, battled back to tie. But, to no avail. Fedor advanced.
Jung-Lin Chang ran into Neils Feijen in fine form, too fine a form. Then, the jousting Josh Roberts put the BIG Foot 10-Ball Champ out of his misery.
Bobby Hunter had an interesting encounter with Tony Chohan. Fresh from One Pocket, Tony hadn’t quite found his 9-Ball stroke and was missing makeable balls.
Bobby put a 3 pack on him. Tony, despondent, disinterested, unscrewed his shaft and muttering that he had better things to do, places to go, people to see, left the arena. Bobby moved on.
Mike Dechaine put Alex Pagulayan in the one loss division.
Jayson Shaw, still strong, faced Joshua Filler. Down 4-6, Shaw broke and ran out the set. Shaw’s onslaught continued through Marek Kudlik and Alex Olinger.
Poland’s best, Konrad Juszczyszyn, down 5-7, showed Shane he’s no slouch. When ahead 8-7, and breaking, Shane didn’t get out.
Konrad, manifesting the pattern skills that had won him the 2017 American Straight Pool Championship, was fazed as they fought for control of the cue-ball.
Shane, not quite as sharp as usual–it’s day 8 remember–gave Konrad opportunity.  Maintaining the poise of a champion Konrad had SVB fedexed to the buyback booth.
You can be sure of one thing, Shane will get some sleep tonight. Like all true professional athletes, he is driven to win.
Much more to come.
View the remaining matches at
The most boisterous Bank Pool Party on earth attracted Billy Thorpe, Skyler Woodward, Shane Van Boening, Jayson Shaw, Neal Jacobs and Mike Delawder in the winner-take-all funfest.
Warming up at 50 bucks a ball, not so surprisingly, Delawder then Jacobs were the soon to falter. Surprisingly, SVB was next to go bust.
Skyler strung enough to leave Shaw, ALL IN, with a lonely c-note. Sky bounced a few more, and bye, bye Jayson.
He and Billy had garnered $6k apiece. Skyler, still in revenge mode from their Banks encounter, with extraordinary skill, in one inning, ran out the balls ’til Thorpe ran out of cash. All Billy could do was smile.
Sky, on cloud 9, walked away with that wry grin, and the 12 large.
The final Draw:
Neils Feijen 125, Joshua Filler 56
Immonen 125, Schmidt 26 
Melling vs. Van Boening
Orcollo vs. Corteza
The 6 remaining contenders are finding time between their 9-Ball schedule to finish the 14.1 tournament.
Accu-Stats thanks its Arena Sponsors: Diamond Billiards, Simonis Cloth, Cyclop Balls, Cuetec Cues, Lucasi Custom, MEZZ Cues, McDermott Cues, National Billiard Academy, and Samsara Cues.

Allen Hopkins, Danny Barouty & Willie Mosconi to be Inducted into the 2015 Straight Pool Hall of Fame

New York City, NY –  The votes are in, and Allen Hopkins, Danny Barouty, and Willie Mosconi will all be inducted this year during the Andy Cloth World Tournament of 14.1 . The 5th Annual 14.1 Hall of Fame takes place Wednesday July 15th 8pm with a dinner banquet at Steinway Cafe-Billiards. Tickets are $55 includes amazing dinner, wine, drinks, special video presentation by Jerry Tarantola, & numerous star speakers! PayPal can be paid to to reserve. We have a sellout crowd every year.  The nomination selection process came from the World 141 Club  with votes tallied from e-mails,polls  and social media. This year's ballot included World Champions Allen Hopkins, Nick Varner, and Bobby Hunter in the Greatest Player Category. Mike Eufemia, Danny Barouty, and Tom Jennings are nominated in the Unsung Hero Category. Finally, 19-times World 14.1 winner Willie Mosconi will be honored posthumously in coordination with the The World Tournament of 14.1. The main event will take place once more in New York City.  As usual, a star studded field is expected this year at Steinway Billiards Cafe, who is once more hosting this world class event. The World Tournament Official Equipment include Viking Cue with all matches played on Andy Cloth. Event partners include Mr.Tom Gleich, Dr. Gregory Diehl, Mr. Greg Hunt of Amsterdam Billiards, & Mr. Jim Gottier of Greenleaf's Pool Room. Patron sponsors include Mr. Harold Siegel of Excelsior Graphics, Dr. James Heller, Mr. Charles Eames of Charles Eames Photography, Frank Scharbach of Frank's Billard Cafe, and the National Amateur Pool League. 
The World Tournament will be live streamed on AZBTV , order by going to . Official media partners are , Pool & Billiard Magazine, & tech support by Gotham City Technologies. 
Willie Mosconi would be 102 years old if he was alive today. He was born in 1913, just one year after the very first World 14.1 Championship.  During nearly 2 decades, Mosconi won the World 14.1 seven times and defended the title an unmatched 12-times. It's no wonder till this day, the name Mosconi is synonymous with straight pool.
"The 14.1 Hall of Fame Banquet is an awesome event. The players are all dressed up and enjoying themselves. Dragon Promotions really does it right", said John Schmidt, 2012 World Tournament of 14.1 Champion.
Allen Hopkins was nominated by the World 141 Club members and afterwards won 60% of the votes submitted by fans via social media, polls, and e-mails. Hopkins was born in 1951 in Elizabeth, New Jersey at started playing pool at the age of 7, and ran his first 100 balls by age 12. He joined the pro tour by age 17, and quickly established himself as a force when at 19 years old he defeated the mighty Luther Lassiter in a 1000 point money match with Lassiter stating, "That was the greatest straight pool I've ever seen". In 1977, Hopkins started his prime winning the US Open 9-Ball, World 9-Ball, and the World 14.1 all in the same year. Hopkins would remain a force on the pro scene for the next 2 decades, and since then has become a major promoter with the highly successful Super Billiards Expo. "I was fortunate to grow up around so many great players. Straight pool has always been my best game. Straight pool separates all players."
"Allen and I not only used to battle back and forth in countless matches, but we used to also go in partnership with each other when playing other great players. He played super solid for big money and was dependable under huge pressure. I had so much mutual respect for his abilities. He was the most fierce competitor I ever met," said Pete Margo, a former top pro player during the 1970's era. Margo has been nominated for next year's 14.1 HOF personally by Hopkins himself.
Danny Barouty won 50% of the votes in the Unsung Hero category with a huge fan following in the New York tri-state area. Born in 1956, the Queens, NY native started playing pool at age 7, with 14.1 being his first game. This led to a lifelong passion for straight pool which has carried on till today as Barouty has been the cause of many players becoming 14.1 addicts through his passion and knowledge of the game. Barouty has also taken down some of the biggest names in pool such as Hohmann, Ortmann, Cohen, Parica and carries a 287 ball high run. His legacy will be his straight pool leagues in NY and now California, which still thrive today. "I never looked at myself as a promoter of straight pool. I just like the game. No hidden agenda. And I suppose everything comes from that." 
"It's truly an honor to be inducted into this group of legends", said Oliver Ortmann, who was inducted into the 14.1 HOF in 2013.
A special video presentation of each inductee will be produced and presented by's Jerry Tarantola. 
"The Straight Pool Hall of Fame banquet always ends up being an extraordinary evening. The food is delicious and the camaraderie fills the air with nostalgia and goodwill", said Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions who has overseen the World Tournament for a decade now.
Support straight pool and the 14.1 Hall of Fame by joining the World 141 Club & for a very inexpensive sponsorship, become one of the 141 special people joining the 141 Club which will fund this year's events. The list of benefits & gifts are huge. Goto . Tickets will be sold at the door during the event. Sponsors and private contributors can still join this year's event. Final added money and fundraising for the 5th Annual Straight Pool Hall of Fame are still being generated. To help be a part of this treasured event, please contact Dragon Promotions and join the World 141 Club.
Get the latest news and complete results of all years at and daily year round updates on  . Follow Dragon Promotions news at
Vendor spaces are also available, for more information on player registration, sponsorship, or if you would like to submit a comment, please email or contact Dragon Promotions at 1-407-782-4978. Full event info is


Nominees for the 2015 Straight Pool Hall of Fame

The 5th Annual 14.1 Hall of Fame nominees have been announced via selection process from the World 141 Club  in a row. We are please to announce this year's ballot list which includes World Champions Allen Hopkins, Nick Varner, and Bobby Hunter in the Greatest Player Category. Mike Eufemia, Danny Barouty, and Tom Jennings are nominated in the Unsung Hero Category. Finally, 19-times World 14.1 winner Willie Mosconi will be honored posthumously in coordination with World Tournament of 14.1. The main event will take place once more in New York City. Dragon Promotions is pleased to keep the event alive with the production on July 13th-19th, 2015. As usual, a star studded field is expected this year at Steinway Billiards Cafe, who is once more hosting this world class event. The World Tournament Official Equipment include Viking Cue with all matches played on Andy Cloth. Event partners include Mr.Tom Gleich, Dr. Gregory Diehl, Mr. Greg Hunt of Amsterdam Billiards, & Mr. Jim Gottier of Greenleaf's Pool Room. Patron sponsors include Mr. Harold Siegel of Excelsior Graphics, Dr. James Heller, Mr. Charles Eames of Charles Eames Photography, Frank Scharbach of Frank's Billard Cafe, and the National Amateur Pool League. 
The World Tournament will be live streamed on AZBTV by going to . Official media partners are , Pool & Billiard Magazine, & tech support by Gotham City Technologies. 
"The 14.1 Hall of Fame Banquet is an awesome event. The players are all dressed up and enjoying themselves. Dragon Promotions really does it right", said John Schmidt, 2012 World Tournament of 14.1 Champion.
"It's truly an honor to be inducted into this group of legends", said Oliver Ortmann, who was inducted into the 14.1 HOF in 2013.
"It's really an incredible event. I genuinely get goosebumps each year that night as I'm so excited to hear the speeches, the stories, the videos, and just generally appreciate the special atmosphere of that one night. The players are on their greatest behavior and you can tell they are just truly honored to all be there as a part of the event. The 14.1 Hall of Fame ceremony is an absolute must for any pool enthusiast", says Charlie Williams, Executive Producer of the World Tournament. 
Type your VOTE for the following and send to our Facebook page or email 
Greatest Player Category: 
Allen Hopkins (NJ) :World 14.1 Champion 1977. Runner -up in 1974, 1978, 1986. 
Nick Varner(KY): World 14.1 Champion 1980 & 1986
Bobby Hunter (MI) : World 14.1 Champion 1990. 14.1 Teacher of John Schmidt 2012 World 14.1 Champion 
Danny Barouty(NY) : 3x Top Five finisher at the World 14.1. Promoter of 14.1 leagues & events in NY & CA
Tom Jennings (NY) : US Open 14.1 Champ 1976 & 1977
Mike Eufemia (NY) : Stardust 14.1 Champion 1967. Multiple 400 ball runner.
A special video presentation of each inductee will be produced and presented by's Jerry Tarantola
"The Straight Pool Hall of Fame banquet always ends up being an extraordinary evening. The food is delicious and the camaraderie fills the air with nostalgia and goodwill", said Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions who has overseen the World Tournament for a decade now.


Derby City Day Three and Four: Shane wins Bigfoot, Banks Winds Down, One Pocket Winds Up

Shane Van Boening – Photo courtesy of Dave Thomson

LIVE from the Horseshoe Southern Indiana Resort and Casino, Elizabeth, IN

As a matter of historical interest, no one player has had a career "Grand Slam, i.e., won all three Derby City Classic Master of the Table divisions: Bank Pool, One Pocket and 9-Ball.
Efren Reyes has won both One-Pocket and 9-Ball; Shannon Daulton has captured 9-Ball and Bank Pool and, got close last year with a second against Efren in the One Pocket.
Will history be made? They're both in the last 3 in the Banks Division and very capable of taking any title but, we're getting ahead of ourselves.
Let's get you caught up.
Diamond BIG Foot 10-Ball Challenge.
Shane Van Boening and Jason Klatt opened Sunday's action on the Accu-Stats TV table at noon. Jason had been playing a 10 am, One-Pocket match while Shane waited, warming up BIG Foot. There's nothing like it to work out the body's early morning cobwebs.
Shane's work ethic is, without a doubt, a major contribution to his success. At every opportunity, he's practicing on BIG Foot.
When everyone else is doing whatever, last thing at night, he's in the Accu-Stats Arena running balls. "I actually practice more at tournaments than I do when I am at home," he confessed.
Jason, a little late to the table as Shane was in fine fettle, took time to adjust and clambered to a very admirable 8 before Shane dropped the hammer.
It was then John Morra and Alex Pagulayan stepped into the ring. John, like many, just couldn't get BIG Foot's tight jaws to devour any balls on the break.
Alex is more familiar with massive expanses of Simonis as he had spent a lot of last year on the UK snooker circuit. 
His, seemingly, miniature body stretched across the slate, capitalized on every offer John presented. Morra wasn't allowed to regroup as he did so elegantly, yesterday, against Bustamante. He had to settle for 7 before Alex slammed the door.
22 year old, Manila native, Jeff Ignacio can play. In fact, last year, Efren commented that Jeff was then the best player in the Phillipines. Yet, sometimes, he missed the simplest of balls. "I am very quick, maybe too quick; Fast decision, fast release," he stated. "I have to learn to control my impulses."
10-Ball is the Filipino game of choice. After easily dismissing a struggling Orcollo, Jeff said that, when they match-up in the Phillipines, he usually gets the 9. "Yeah, but that was about 4 years ago," countered Orcollo.
He didn't need the 9 today. "I couldn't see clearly," Dennis defended after his defeat at 6, "I had only managed 4 hours sleep." (We'll blame it on the Jet lag).
Mika and Lee Vann closed out the evening session with Mika, up 5-2, getting sharked by a raised water bottle in his line of sight to a straight-in 5-ball.
Lee Vann jumped to the table and soon had overtaken Mika. Mika's demons were alive and well and the audience was aware of his distress. Enter good-buddy Rodney Morris. Rodney sat behind Mika's chair consoling while motivating him," "Shake it off, shake it off. You'll get your chance."
When that chance arose and Mika was back on the scoreboard, "Now, take a time out," insisted Rodney. Mika new that he was right.
Ten minutes later Mika's maturity as an athlete was apparent. He approached the game composed and courageous.  The BIG Foot battled ensued until Corteza was on the hill and Mika had fought to 9,
Then, up jumped the devil. Remember we're on BIG Foot now. The slightest overhit can have devastating results. In Mika's safety attempt to tie up the cue ball, a millimeter made all the difference and Lee Vann was left a peek at the cash. He took it straight to the bank.
And then there were four: Shane versus 3 Filipinos. Surprised? 
In Semi's #1, Corteza faced the fearless Ignacio.
Jeff started well and was ahead 3-1. Then his break stopped working, "And, I had 4 scratches," he commiserated.
With an 11-7 win, Lee Vann observed, "It seems I'm always coming from behind, Then, he gave me so many opportunities…and I took them," he smiled wryly.
Semi's #2: Shane's discipline of practice showed up and his ball pocketing, table speed, position play, were near flawless. Then you add, never mind the power, the precision of his break. When he completes his follow thru, his forefinger is circling the butt 6 inches behind the joint.
Previously, Alex was executing like he had found his pool form that eluded him on his return from the snooker circuit.
Unfortunately, today, against Shane, he didn't get a chance to use it.
Shane was on fire. Alex, always a gentleman, had to applaud him. And, when Alex did get to break, twice his cue ball found the pocket. He managed only 2 games before Shane had ensured his berth, again, in the finals.
Mosconi Cup, Team America captain and Accu-Stats commentator Mark Wilson reported that, "Shane displayed one of the most inspiring 10-Ball performances that he had ever witnessed." Shane had shot an Accu-Stats' Total Performance Average(TPA) of 957–on BIG Foot! If you missed the Pay-per -View, no worries, you can catch it, soon, on the DVD.
The Finals: it seemed that Corteza was boggled by Van Boening's power and ability and smothering of Alex. Shane was as comfortable on BIG Foot as he had ever been on any table. He showed no weakness; no sign of stress or nervousness. Lee Vann had slivers of opportunity that he could not quite capture. With Shane on the hill while he, too, had mustered only 2, he missed ball that he would have made in his sleep. Shane had shot him into submission.
By allowing only 4 games against him in the semi's and finals, is there a contender on the planet who can contain Shane?
We'll see in the One Pocket and 9-Ball.
Diamond Derby City Classic XVII: Bank Pool Division
From 413 candidates on Friday, by Monday, at 10am there were 30. At 6pm there were 12.
John Brumback then eliminated Dee Adkins. Ditto with Justin Hall over Justin Bergman then, Daulton over Kentucky's Kaelin Conkright, Bobby Hunter over Bustamante, Indianapolis native Brian Groce–always a contender–over Brandon Shuff (who had given Efren his ticket to the buy-back booth) and, with the coldest roll ever, Scott Frost was ousted by the aforementioned Reyes.
Cold, you may ask? Up 2-1, and needing one ball, while Efren needed 4, Scott made the perfect bank into the heart of the corner pocket.
He stepped forward to offer Efren his hand only to realize that the ball had slowed and hung up in the jaws.
Efren stepped up and, before Scott knew it, they were jousting over one ball. Efren bounced it off the short rail and nothing but net. 2-2.
He broke and ran 4. Scott's bank attempt got close but left a distant, long rail cross into the corner. Without a wobble, the "Magician" escaped again.
With 6 remaining, Efren persevered over Bobby Hunter, Shannon allowed Brian Groce a graceful exit and, old school Brumback learned young gun Hall.
They will redraw tomorrow evening, Each has only one life left. One lucky contender will get a bye straight into the Finals and you get to watch it all at
The One-Pocket Hall of Fame Banquet
Tuesday evening, Steve Booth will host the most entertaining night at the Derby, The One Pocket Hall of Fame Banquet at 6pm in Legends Bar near the food court in the Horseshoe Southern Indiana.
Needless to say, the evening will celebrate the life and times of the inimitable Freddy "The Beard" Bentivegna.
Don't miss this! The food's good too.
visit for more.
The George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge
The George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge got off to a raucous start when young Scot, Jayson Shaw, reached for a Guinness–The Book of records that is. By breaking all previous  competition record runs, he strung together staggering 227.
"That was my first inning of my second attempt." noted Shaw. Players get 12 attempts, in groups of 4 break shots, to create a high run. The top 8 finishers switch to a single elimination format and the winner is determined on Saturday.
"In my first 4 attempts, I had couple of 50 somethings and a 6! I have run in the hundreds before so, I'm not going to let it get to me. So, I bought back in. I managed the 227 in my first inning. I got $300 for high run of the day"
Daily bonuses are distributed to the top 3 high runs.
Shaw continued his innings on Monday and secured a 165 before getting his cue ball stuck in the stack.
Mika Immonen heard all the commotion and decided, 227, thats' something to shoot at. When he got 100; no sweat, At 200, the texts were blazing around the resort. "Still going? Jayson texted tourney director Bill Maropulos, "Yup," Bill responded.
At 224, that's 16 consecutive racks, folks, Mika  blasted the break shot. Jayson's 227 remains intact.
Nick Van Den Berg has a 149, Warren Kiamco-145, last year's winner Dennis Orcollo–127. There are double the entrants from last year and more big runs are expected. Jayson and Mika are pretty safe, although, John "Mr 400" Schmidt is in the house.
See two more days of qualifiers before the highest 8 square off in single eliminate at
Diamond Derby City Classic XVII: One Pocket Division
The DCC success continues as 352 One Pocket players looked for a little luck at the Horseshoe.  The usual suspects are torturing the meek. No upsets as of yet.
Diamond thanks its sponsors: The Horseshoe Southern Indiana, Cyclop Balls, Simonis Cloth, BCA Pool League, and BadBoys Billiard Productions.
Accu-Stats thanks its Arena Sponsors: Simonis Cloth, Cyclop Balls, OB Cues, Cue and Case, MEZZ Cues, Samsara Cues, and National Billiard Academy.

Derby City Day One: Banks, Bigfoot and American Rotation

Dennis Orcollo (Photo courtesy of Dave Thomson –

Day one is always fun…at least for the spectators. In pool's largest professional competition, The Bank Pool division of the 3 tiered event got rolling as did the Diamond BIG Foot 10-Ball Challenge in the Accu-Stats TV Arena.
"413 players in  the Banks," beamed DCC founder Greg Sullivan. "Actually it was 414, but one unfortunate international competitor's US visa wasn't in order so we refunded his entry fee."
413 is up a stunning 62 from last year's 351. "I can't remember the last time we had so many entrants." Greg continued, "It's been at least 10 years. And, we have a waiting list for the BIG Foot." Everybody loves Diamond.
There are about 36 Smart Tables in place to accommodate the primary Bank Pool, 1-Pocket, and 9-Ball events. Mini tourneys will run into the night to keep the night owls in action. The George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge get begins on Sunday. Pool's biggest and most enduring nine day stamina test is underway and we'll report to the last man standing.
Diamond BIG Foot 10-Ball Challenge.
Dennis Orcollo, last year's Master of the Table, got off to a roaring start as he easily won is first two Bank Pool matches after destroying accomplished roadman Chris Bartram 11-1 in the opening match of the BIG Foot Challenge.
"I think I ran a 5-pack," Dennis acknowledged humbly. "After that, there were a lot of safeties, and I realized that I was, as usual, a little bit nervous. So, I had to find my 'Pool Concentration' and focus on one ball at a time." About 50 balls later, Chris was on the road again.
In the Accu-Stats Arena's second match, Mika Immonen had to find his "Pool Concentration," too. He had drawn, in Diamond's 16 man invitational, Mosconi Cup teammate, Nick Van Der Berg. They weren't teammates today; Today, they were mortal enemies and one of them was going to be terminated by "Friendly Fire."
Their single elimination shoot-out began with Mika getting ahead, Nick catching up and getting ahead, then, each player repeating the catch-up and get-ahead scenario until they were all tied up at 9.
Where was their "Pool Concentration?" In the deciding racks, both men had chances: Mika was running out only to miscue. Nick soon scratched and it was 10-9 Mika. Mika broke, tension allowed Nick to the table and it was his turn to miscue. And, then it was over. "I was happy to survive that one," Mika sighed at 11-9. "A big break means so much more on Big Foot. If I'm gonna wins this thing, I gotta go work on my break."
Match 3 had 2013 US Open 10-ball Champion Rodney Morris opposing 2010 US Open 10-Ball Champion Lee Vann Corteza.
After being down 5-7, Rodney had forged ahead 8-7. "Just give me one more chance.'"  begged Corteza. His prayers were answered and he respectfully won without conceding Rodney another rack.
It was generally acknowledged that the elusive Big Foot had the players(other than, maybe, Orcollo) not only  intimidated but, a little bit dumbfounded. Lee Vann later commented, "I had to change my stroke. In order to power the cue-ball around the rails, my stroke became less smooth." 
The man with the most powerful stroke, and break, yet to get to the table today was Mike Dechaine. In practice, he was breaking the cue ball chest high, and smacking in balls the length of the table. Soon, he was two ahead of Accu-Stats Arena and US newbie, Jeffrey Ignacio, a very mannerly and unassuming Filipino.
Considering that it was Jeff's first trip to the America, his composure was quite remarkable. Admittedly, he did dog an early 9-ball, then a straight in 3 to give Mike a 4-2 lead.
Mike, always a powerful presence at any table, after every big shot would shoot his quiet Filipino opponent an intimidating glance. The stare didn't phase Jeff one bit and he quietly went about his business, Now, down 5-8, Mike's daunting glare had lost its luster. He captured only one more game.
Admittedly, it was not only Ignacio's calm, competitive approach but his ability to counter Mike's quality safety play by connecting with the hidden orb and leaving Mike safe.  
When asked how it felt being welcomed to America with a win, especially under the heat of the TV lights, Jeff joked, "I felt like I was playing on a snooker table!"
Play continues at Noon on Saturday with Alex P vs. Jayson S, John M vs. Bustey, Shane vs, Johnny, Jason K, vs. the lesser known Mexico's Ruben Batista. See it all LIVE at
Diamond Derby City Classic XVII: Bank Pool Division
Upsets abound: Skyler Woodward, who demolished all in last year's exceptional, 6 man RING Game, was the first to fall. "I played great and got drilled 3-0," he exclaimed. Taz Holliday, who administered the defeat, will sleep well tonight.
At press time, Sky was onto his do-or-die Banks match with the recently married Bobby Hunter. Our congrats go to Bob and his delightfully sweet, yet with such a wicked sense of humor, wife Debbie as they are expecting their first child.
Next to be sent to the buy-back booth, by Brandon Shuff, was Shane Van Boening.
Scott Frost was jubilant as he out-played "Mike's Billiards" Medley from Fairfield OH. Former DCC Master of the Table and Bank Pool Champions Efren Reyes, John Brumback and Jason Miller, to name a few, plus the Filipino contingent including Carlo Biado, and the newly inducted BCA Hall-of-Famer, Jose Parica will also continue play on Saturday.
American Rotation
Mike Dechaine is in contention for his 3rd, straight US Championship title in Joe Tucker's American Rotation. See the Championship at 1pm, Saturday. You can catch it LIVE and streamed by Big Truck on
Mike plays Jody McLaughlin who upset last weekend's MEZZ West Coast Tour 10-Ball titlist, "Edgie" Geronimo, in the American Rotation event at Hard Times Billiards, Bellflower, CA.
Diamond thanks its sponsors: The Horseshoe Southern Indiana, Cyclop Balls, Simonis Cloth, BCA Pool League, and BadBoys Billiard Productions.
Accu-Stats thanks its Arena Sponsors: Simonis Cloth, Cyclop Balls, OB Cues, Cue and Case, MEZZ Cues, Samsara Cues, and National Billiard Academy.

2014 Louie Roberts Award Winner “Motor City” Richie Speaks Out

Richie Richeson

Hello Pool Fans,
I am very happy and proud to have won the great award known as the Louie Roberts Action & Entertainment Award for 2014 at the Derby City Classic.
I want to send a super special thanks to Greg Sullivan and Diamond Billiards  for making this tournament happen every year. I have not missed one and don't plan to ever miss one. And I greatly appreciate the prize that comes along with this award, you have no idea.
I also would like to thank all the fans for supporting me in the action room and those who also voted for me to win the award. I could not have done it without you all. I hoped you guys enjoyed watching as much as I enjoyed playing in all the matches this year, it was a BLAST.
Also, there's a few players I need to thank for much help along the way. I want to thank Bobby Hunter he was an inspiration to me when I was real young. Also Cornbread Red he was a big influence on me at a young age, thank you. Jack Cooney taught me how to move and thanks to Cliff Joyner for gambling with me hundreds of times over the years, that made me very strong. Also my boy Benny Conway, he taught me how to be fast and loose, I appreciate it.
Again, Thanks to everyone that has ever helped and supported me thru this journey, I appreciate it more then you know.

Shane Wins Bigfoot Challenge; Derby Day Four

Shane Van Boening

Derby City Classic XVI, Jan 24-Feb 1, 2014
Horseshoe Southern Indiana
Elizabeth, Indiana.
Sponsored by Diamond SMART TABLE, True Blue Simonis 860 Cloth, and Cyclop Pool Balls.
Day 4: Diamond BIG Foot 10-Ball Challenge
Semi's #1
Niels Feijen showed no fear of BIG Foot as he devoured the first rack with such intimidating force that even his opponent, Ralf Souquet, was impressed.
A month ago they were conquering Mosconi Cup teammates, today they were mortal enemies, at least, on the table.
Niels speared in the Cyclops the length of the table with such incredible accuracy not even the Simonis rippled. The tight Pro-Cut Diamond pockets accepted the balls as if lubricated.
Was Big Foot vulnerable? Had Niels tamed the Beast? Whatever the table dictated, Niels could deliver.
Not so for Ralf Soquet. His tempo showed signs of fatigue. He got through a frame or two and then missed to gift wrap the rack.
Nothing fatigued about Feijen. A force to be reckoned with, he gratefully accepted the donations–all the way to the hill.
At 10-3 Feijen showed the first sign of slowing. He ran a little short on shape on the ten and over cut it.
Is this an omen of things to come?
Ralf quietly sank the dangling ten, broke and ran to fall a little iffy on the 5 to get to the six. He stabbed it straight into the cut of the pocket to have it pop back at him on the table.
Feijen, not letting his chance fly by, ran the remaining rack and sealed the match at 11-4. Niels had also shot a new high Total Point Average(TPA) of .896. Pretty impressive.
Semi's #2
Now it was time for Van Boening to meet Bustamante, his bogey man.
Shane has always maintained that the toughest guy he'd played for the cash was Bustey. "But I know I can beat him on the 10 foot. There are shots that he just can't make. I'm taller than he is. He has to use the bridge more,"
Shane was right. Using that bridge, Bustey miscued twice. And, they'd cost him; He was soon down 4-8.
Yet, he wasn't the only one falling foul. A multitude of scratches, missed kicks, jumped balls that scraped the top of the snookering ball; There was a plague on both their houses yet, Bustey snags another couple of racks and it's 6-8.
Shane grinds to 9-6. His shape runs too long or too short. He commits the ultimate sin, he flubs a 10-Ball. It's 9-7.
Bustey breaks. Nothing. Shane steals and runs to leave a long thin cut on the 10. He has to use the bridge. Remarkably, it slides into the pocket. He's on the hill.
He breaks dry. Bustey's back at the table, but not for long.
It's 10-8. Bustey knows he has to come with it. "How many chances am I going to get?"
Shane, nerves wreaking havoc, sweats in his chair. Not again, I can't lose to him, again, not on BIG Foot.
Bustamante manages a couple of balls and gets into trouble.
Shane, acknowledging the simplicity of the table, knows that he has to do it now, or, its never; he's history, he's BIG Foot meat.
Shane defaults to champion mode. Now cool, calm, and collected,–not even breathing heavily–he quietly rendered the remaining balls harmless. it was 11-8.
But, is he ready for Niels?
Although had had just shot a respectable .862, Shane knew that he had escaped. He had 30 minutes to shake it off, push the reset button, and step up.
He had heard tale of Feijen's intimidating performance against Ralf. He had observed him deservedly attain MVP status at the Mosconi Cup last month. He knew Niels wasn't here to play, he was hear to win.
Niels got off to a fine start. Down 2 zip, Shane stepped to the table. After a couple of safes to shoot at, the next thing Niels knew was that Shane was ahead 6-2, which included putting together a 2 pack, twice.
Shane has found his sweet spot. His big break is back and balls were going in.
No problem, Niels, composed, got the next rack and, down 6-3, inconceivably, missed a straight in 10. Shane was left a long bank, using the bridge, off the short rail: Nothing but net: 7-3.
Shane over runs shape on the 9 and has to pound three rails to end inches from the 10. No problem; it's very makable.
He misses it!
It leaves a thin cut for Niels. He misses it. 
The Beast is back.
Shane makes it: 9-3. Breaks, makes one, leaves none, pushes out. Niels, announces, "Time out." Smart.
Returning, accepting the push out, he fails to leave safe: 10-3.
Shane breaks dry. Niels composes a 2 pack! 10-5.
Breaks dry. Shane makes 2 balls and hooks himself. Niels nails it: 10-6. 
Niels breaks. Shane's hooked–in jail, Rather than kick, he rearranges the furniture. Niels, showing signs of his bad self, breaks Shane's cluster and it's 10-7.
The Beast turns cold; Niels gets the kiss from hell–and scratches.
Shane never looked back. Without hesitation, it was over; 11-7 and another prestigious accolade in his pocket. "Show me the money!"
Shane had just shot a .908: The highest Accu-Stats TPA of the event, a truly impressive performance.
After this event, surely, he'd be remembered as the best 10-Ball player ever, at least, to date. 9-foot, 10-foot, it didn't matter, he's the most consistent 10-Ball competitor. He'd overcome so much adversity, so much pressure–mostly self inflicted–the pressure that only true champions survive.
He'd tamed the Beast.
Who else can compare?
He finished 11th in the Banks. Now, he can concentrate on the One Pocket.
Derby City Classic Bank Pool Division:
Earl Strickland defeated David Grossman.
Dennis Orcollo defeated Justin Bergman
Francisco Bustamante defeated Shannon Murphy.
Semis #1
Dennis vs. Bustey (Dennis is undefeated and can buy-back)
Earl got the bye.
Watch it LIVE Tuesday, FEB. 28, 7pm;
Derby City Classic One-Pocket Championship.
Mon. 25th. JAN, 2104. highlights:
Darren Appleton d. Warren Kiamco
Oscar Dominguez d. Wang Can
Corey deuel d. Robert Frost
John Schmidt d. Bobby Hunter
Lee Vann Corteza d. Mike Massey
Efren Reyes d. Mark Haddad
Niels feijen d. Huidji See
Shane Van Boening d. Joey Grey.
Watch LIVE: Noon TUES, FEB 28:  Wang Can vs. Scott Frost
2014 George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge:
High runs Monday, 27th.
Ralf Souquet: 178
Darren Appleton: 122
John Schmidt: 103
Nick van der Berg: 100
Jayson Shaw: 95
Huiji See: 93
Alex lely: 88
Wang Can: 85
Watch Straight Pool LIVE: TUES, FEB 28:
 The American Rotation Challenge: 12pm Mon. JAN 27th.
Joe Tucker hosted with Biil Biggs on
Thorsten Hohmann d John Morra.

Derby Banks and Bigfoot Wind Down; One Pocket Underway

Shane Van Boening

Derby City Classic XVI, Jan 24-Feb 1, 2014
Horseshoe Southern Indiana
Elizabeth, Indiana.
Sponsored by Diamond SMART TABLE, True Blue Simonis 860 Cloth, and Cyclop Pool Balls.
Day 3 is always the busiest as the 10-Ball and Banks divisions continue while, this year, the 1-Pocket division summoned 298 fresh combatants.
The Diamond crew is at its craziest as they scramble schedules so that all players get a chance, at least, to eat. Sleep is out of the question. 
Competitors have to switch gears quickly from one discipline to the other. Niels Feijen, immediately after his Banks match finished, was slamming the BIG Foot shuffle with Efren. That's when you need the ability to slip it into overdrive.
But, wait, we're getting ahead of ourselves.
In the opening quarter final, 10-Ball match, early morning jitters had Ralf Souquet  and Jayson Shaw jawing balls that they would normally make in their sleep.
Ralf woke up a little quicker than Jayson and jumped ahead 6-1.
Succumbing to that comfortable lead, Ralf fell into BIG Foot's trap, jawed another one, and left the 5 dangling in the hole.
After sitting in the "electric chair" for so long, Jayson, wisely, took that so important time-out.
Returning to the table, it seemed that he had quieted the voices as he ran out with elegant ease. And, it's 2-6. Breaking and running through the 9th rack he got out of line and the elusive object ball rode around the lip of the pocket. It was then that Jayson began to unravel, never to recover.
With a hefty .874 Total Performance Average Ralf, quietly, with surgeon-like skill, sliced and diced until Jayson conceded the set at 11-3.
Quarter finals #2 had Efren, patiently, await Niels Feijen who was effectively negotiating racks in that Banks match in the outer arena.
Feijen grabbed a bite, recomposed his focus, and without further ado, began firing them in, from all distances, on the BIG Foot.
Efren, playing really well, wasn't phased.
Neither player got ahead as they nipped and ducked until tied at 8. Then, it was truly cat and mouse until Niels got to the hill, found that overdrive, stayed calm and collected, and ran the last rack.
His TPA of .889 was 1/10 of a point behind Shane's .899 captured earlier in the event. Efren's .854 wasn't too shabby either.
In Q3, Shane sat on a comfortable cushion as he had bounced ahead 6-1 against young John Morra. The Van Boening effortless break is so formidable that–even on the BIG Foot–for the average player, it's hard to fade.
John is no average player. Showing so much heart and, that never-give-up initiative, Morra grabbed at every opportunity. It seemed in the blink of a Cyclop, he had tied it at 7.
Back and forth they battled until Shane got atop the hill first. John, eyes on the prize, clambered up behind him. With so much power, he slammed at the last rack.  BIG Foot is cruel. He broke dry.
Shane, ever so cautious, crept to the table. It wasn't going to be easy: There was a cluster and a ball had to be banked. His breathing stayed steady, his poise never wandered, and every ball found its destination.
Shane, when straight in on the 10, John graciously climbed out of his chair, offered his hand, and his congratulations.
Morra had come ever so close; Watch for him throughout the rest of the series. He'a driven; Shane, too.
Q4: Earl meets Bustey.
Maybe, I'm drinking the Earl Kool-Aid but, I am starting to believe him when he states, " I'm the unluckiest player in the world."
All weekend long, as entertaining as ever, he counseled the crowd that he can't believe his luck–or, lack of it.
Today, even Bustey had to agree. "I did get lucky." He flashed his smile, "We both missed some balls and, I got lucky"
Luck does enter into it but, harnessing a .881, against Earl's .856, showed that they both shot lights-out, BIG Foot 10-Ball.
The good news is that they are both in the last 6 of the banks division. That's not luck, that's skill.
Maybe, they'll meet again, there, too. It's all in the luck of the draw.
The Diamond BIG Foot Challenge, semi's:
Ralf vs. Niels, Monday, JAN. 27, 3pm. EDT.
Bustey vs. Shane, 6pm. 
The final is at 9.
Bank Pool Division: Speaking of the last 6 in Banks, Dennis Orcollo is the only player with a buy-back. That means that he is undefeated.
The aforementioned Earl and Bustey, will play tomorrow as do Southern Classic 1-Pocket winner Justin Bergman; 3rd in 2013 DCC Banks, Shannon Murphy, and Floridian David Grossman
The semi's and finals are scheduled for Tuesday in the Accu-Stats' TV arena.
One Pocket Division: 298 movers and shakers are cued for action. Highlights included Corey Deuel drawing first blood with Adam Wheeler and Tyler Woodward ousting Charle Morra. They'll be back.
Dennis Walsh's 14.1 Straight Pool Challenge got underway with Nick Van Den Berg posting a 99 ball, high run in the chase to the last 8 to compete in the $7,000 added event.
Huidji See followed with a 93 and, John Schmidt, a 73.
John is back playing again and happy to mention that it's all thanks to a new sponsor, Str8-Shots. "These guys are really good for pool and have developed a great junior's program. They are in it for the long haul," said John.
Speaking of Johnnies, Mr. Archer is anticipated to make a high run for it, tomorrow as will Bobby Hunter.
Bobby has another commitment lined up: This summer, he will marry the sweet, and gracious, Debbie, his long time girlfriend. Debbie's got game: She's competing in the DCC 9-Ball division.
American Rotation: And, last but not least, congratulations to Jerry Calderon's 150-120 win over Joe Dupuis to win the first American Rotation event.
Developed by Joe Tucker, you know him from the well selling "Racking Secrets" DVD, American Rotation is based on regular Rotation only with more interaction between players.
Sponsored by Mark Griffin and CSI, Accu-Stats is hoping to showcase a challenge game between two high profile pros before the BIG Foot semi's, around noon, on Monday.
To see this and the BIG Foot 10-Ball semi's and finals, LIVE, visit
For the 14.1/Straight Pool action visit

A Conversation With Johnny Archer

With the upcoming Johnny Archer Classic only days away (October 12-14 at the Marietta Billiard Club in Marietta, GA) we felt it only fitting to touch base with this larger than life pool professional. Geoff Conway sat down with Johnny at the recent Turning Stone Classic.

Johnny Archer picked up his first cue when he was twelve years old. But his career really started when he turned professional only six years later. Since then his career has been a star-studded journey of some 26 years.

Johnny Archer was born November 12, 1968 in Waycross, Georgia. He grew up just down the road in Twin City alongside his two brothers and two sisters. By the time he was 22 Archer was a seasoned pro and had become one of the top 9 ball players in the world. In 1992 he laid testament to that when he won his first World 9 Ball title. When he defeated Bobby Hunter in the final it awoke the world to the power of this quiet warrior. He repeated this same feat in 1997 and by winning his second World 9 Ball title drove the stake deep into the voice of any who doubted him. He also was runner up for the World 9 Ball title in 1998.

In 1999 Johnny won the US Open. Over his career to date Johnny has won over 60 major titles and is no less a threat now than he was 20 years ago. As he told us: “When I started my pro career I never thought I would still be competing 26 years later, much less still competing for the top spot.

I believe my biggest achievement in pool is still being able to compete at a high level 26 years after I turned pro.”

When we asked Archer about the things that matter most to him he replied: “My life changed 180 degrees when I met Melanie. (His wife, married in 2002.)  I was lost and had no direction. God and Melanie are the reasons why I am where I am today both in life and in pool.”

“My two children Lee and LeeAnne have made my life whole. The hard decisions I make today are based solely around my family. Whatever is best for them.  My son Lee has been a BIG inspiration for me. He has battled medical problems his whole life, and he has never complained. I never realized how small my problems really were until I saw what he had to go through. I can fight all the hard players on tour as long as my family is there beside me.”

There is more to Mr. Archer than the playing champion we all know. He is also a business owner. “I bought a pool room with Kim Davenport (Marietta Billiards in Marietta, GA) because I wanted to leave something big behind me one day. I will leave it to my children to carry it on. Business-wise the stars happened to align at the right time for me.”

We wondered aloud what advice he would have for the young players of today that will be the stars of the game in the future. He told us: “My advice to any young player is to never give up on your dream. Get all the negative people out of your life. Keep your eyes on the target and never waiver from that. You will no doubt have to take different roads than you imagined, but there is always a road that leads to the finish line. Age is only a number. You can do anything as long as you put your mind to it!”

And what does the future hold for this legend? “I would like to play for another ten years, health permitting. I expect that one day I will wake up and feel that I can't win any more tournaments. I guess at that moment I will just ride off into the sunset.” (A smile creeping across his face.)

His illustrious career has garnished him many accolades: BilliardDigest awarded him the “Player of the Decade” at the end of the nineties. In 2009 Johnny was inducted into the “BCA Hall of Fame” at the age of 41.  And his wins are legendary. What title has he not lifted at some time? He has been World Champion, U.S. Open Champion, and champion of most every other event that has been held on U.S. soil.

Johnny who has been a fixture on the USA Team for the Mosconi Cup since 1997, has played 15 consecutive years to 2011. He is yet again in the running to be picked again but needs a good finish in the US Open in October in Virginia Beach, VA.

When asked what he would like to finish with Archer said: “I want to say thank you to some people for helping me along the way. My father for giving me wisdom. My brothers and sisters and step-mom for taking care of me. Art Wiggins for being a great friend and keeping me out of trouble on the business side of things. Chester Flynt for being a great mentor to me. My kids Lee and LeeAnne who are my inspiration. My wife Melanie is my best friend who I want beside me should I have to go into battle with anyone or anything. Thank you so much for being there for me. I love you so much. Last but not least, thank you to God. I would not have anything without Him leading me to it.